J. Raimund Pfarrkirchner has lived on four continents and chronicled his experiences. He currently lives and writes in Vienna.

Keep Calm and Carrion

Three stories from the Himalayas.

Vultures, bread and suits are the subjects of these three tales from the Himalaya that dabble with contrived adventure and forced exoticism.
Playing with expectation the stories explore the fascinating banality of the quotidian whilst abroad. The desire to inject a sense of discovery and adventure to travel are the topics of these three works of creative non-fiction. As a supplement to the travelogue A Natural Fortress, these three tales give a glimpse into the life and culture found in Nepal and Tibet through the eyes of an inquisitive Westerner.
Nepal and Tibet are perhaps not the remote locales for swashbucklers that might have once been, there’s still abundant mystery to be found for the Westerner in the world’s highest mountain range.

Keep Calm and Carrion

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